Carmont Financial Inc. offers the resources and expertise to help you achieve your financial goals and dreams.

Our goal is to set the foundation of a solid long-term relationship by providing comprehensive financial planning.
This can be as diverse as planning for retirement, selling a business, receiving an inheritance, buying a recreational property or proactively planning for your legacy.

Investing and Wealth Management

Mortgages with Carmont Financial

Your home is often the largest asset you own. At Carmont Financial, our approach is to ensure that asset is managed in congruence with your overall goals and retirement plan. Because we manage the complete plan, we will place your mortgage with the lenders most appropriate for your circumstances. We will also steer you away from the restrictive mortgages. Chasing low rates often results in the highest cost when you need flexibility.

• We use multiple tools to ensure your home is an active part of the solution, including:

• First-time home buyer programs

• Residential Mortgages

• Commercial Mortgages

• Home Equity Line of Credits (HELOC)

• High Net Worth lending

• Reverse Mortgages


The Insurance Companies, with whom we are partnered, are amongst the top carriers in Canada. We are proud to be associated with these companies who provide exceptional service and competitive pricing.

Insurance and Income Protection is made easy using our Financial Compass process. We have products from the major insurers in Canada at our disposal to ensure that you receive the best value for your money and offer a wide variety of permanent and term life insurance products with the flexibility to meet your unique needs.

In any given year: – 1 in 106 people die – 1 in 88 homes catch fire – 1 in 70 motor vehicles is involved in an accident causing disability, injury or death – 1 in 7 people are disabled. Are you and your loved ones protected?

How does an RESP work?

First, a subscriber, usually a parent or relative, enters into an RESP contract with a promoter. The subscriber can name one or more children as beneficiaries. Children can be added to a family plan later as long as they are siblings. Over the years, the subscriber makes regular contributions into the plan. The promoter applies for government education savings grants on behalf of the subscriber to take advantage of government contributions into the RESP. (Why say no to money from the government!?) The promoter also helps the subscriber invest the money. When the child is ready for post-secondary school, he or she can start taking out money from the RESP as Education Assistance Payments (EAPs).

Employee Benefits

Employee benefits are an important part of any compensation package.

Benefits help an employee feel taken care of in multiple aspects of their lives by helping them manage the cost of healthcare, plan for their financial future, and enjoy an overall higher quality of life. When your employees feel secure and taken care of, they perform better and stay at a company longer. This creates a more positive work environment, helping companies better achieve their goals. In short, the importance of employee benefits is that they keep your employees happy and make your company more successful.

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